The Palace Theatre, a grand cultural and entertainment facility in the heart of Albany , New York , first opened its doors in October 1931. Built during the Depression, the Palace was the largest theatre in a city already noted for a number of other opulent movie houses. Today, the Palace Theatre remains the sole survivor of this period of entertainment and continues to make history with a widely diverse offering of popular acts and cultural events. More
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MoreAlbany Symphony Orchestra Classical Concert
Albany Symphony Orchestra Classical Concert
Beethoven's Pastorale

Albany welcomes Mei-Ann Chen, Music Director of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, to lead the orchestra in Beethoven's Symphony No. 6, "Pastorale".
MoreAlbany Symphony Orchestra - Sunday Symphony
Albany Symphony Orchestra - Sunday Symphony
Cowboy Dave and the Symphony Showdown

The musicians of Albany Junction are about to give up hope! Their Sheriff only knows one piece of music and makes them play it over and over and over again. Join Cowboy Dave in his courageous battle to bring great music back to town. Includes Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue along with selections by Bernstein, Sousa, Joplin and Mozart.
With Special Guest Andy Grammer

O.A.R. is renowned for its intense, vibrant live show — including selling out Madison Square Garden twice —and the communal feeling it shares with its fans. With each studio album, the band has endeavored to achieve that sense of immediacy. On THE ROCKVILLE LP, "it comes the closest," Roberge says."Every live band I know will always want nothing more than to carry their live performance onto the album.  It's an elusive thing to capture, so I'll never say we nailed it," Roberge says. "But I can guarantee we put that same live show energy and passion into each minute of THE ROCKVILLE LP and we can only hope the audience feels that."
MoreMoscow Ballet's "Great Russian Nutcracker"
Moscow Ballet's "Great Russian Nutcracker"
40 star-studded dancers perform Olympic-worthy leaps in Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. It is the holiday performance...
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