The Palace Theatre, a grand cultural and entertainment facility in the heart of Albany , New York , first opened its doors in October 1931. Built during the Depression, the Palace was the largest theatre in a city already noted for a number of other opulent movie houses. Today, the Palace Theatre remains the sole survivor of this period of entertainment and continues to make history with a widely diverse offering of popular acts and cultural events. More
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MoreBB King - The King of the Blues!
BB King - The King of the Blues!
With Special Guests Rhett Tyler & Early Warning

BB King is the definition of the blues. With over 50 albums, an astonishing 18 Grammy Awards and an induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, B.B. KING  is clearly one of the greatest performers of our time. His reign as King of the Blues has been as long as that of any monarch on earth, yet B.B. continues to wear the crown well. At the young age of 88 he is still singing and playing with the same relentless passion that made him famous as he continues to thrill audiences worldwide.
MoreThe Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers
Part of the MVP Health Care Premier Movie Series
1980, 133 minutes, Rated R

Engagingly nutty comedy about two brothers trying to raise money to save their childhood orphanage by reuniting their old band, and nearly destroying Chicago in the process. Off the wall from start to finish, this film is filled with cameos and some of the best rock and roll numbers to ever hit the screen! Starring John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd with cameos by Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, James Brown, Carrie Fisher and much more!
MoreScooby-Doo Live! "Musical Mysteries"
Scooby-Doo Live! "Musical Mysteries"
Jeepers! SCOOBY-DOO and the Mystery Inc. Gang have been called in to help solve an epic mystery in Albany, NY! A trouble-making...
MoreAlbany Symphony Orchestra - Cirque De La Symphonie
Albany Symphony Orchestra - Cirque De La Symphonie

Cirque de la Symphonie brings the magic of cirque to the music hall with an exciting adaptation of artistic performances widely seen in theaters and arenas everywhere. Each artist's performance - from acrobats to jugglers and aerial flyers - is professionally choreographed to classical masterpieces and popular contemporary music in collaboration with the maestro.
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