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Thank you for your interest in the Palace Theatre! As the premiere Arts & Entertainment facility in the Capital Region we offer a full range of services, from Technical to Marketing, to help you hold a successful event.


To inquire about renting the Palace Theatre for your event please contact Holly Brown, Executive Director at (518) 465-3335 ext. 123



2,844 (Orchestra 1541 - Balcony 1303)


Proscenium Opening: 64' wide 43' high
Dead hung border that hangs down approx 15 feet below top of arch
Stage: 33' from edge of stage to back wall edge
31' from edge of stage to downstage edge of column
Orchestra Pit: 49' 6” wide (rail to rail) // 11' wide at center line
Stage to ceiling: 92' high
Stage to grid: 84' high
Stage to pan: 78' high

Stage floor is tongue and groove oak. The surface is natural wood color with the exception of the pit surface, which is black in color. No nails, stage screws or lags are allowed without prior consent of the Palace Theatre's Production Manager.


Height: 84' deck to walking surface of grid
Access via interior ladder system or exterior fire escape stairs

Fly System:

Counterweight system
Length of pipes 70’0”
Pipe outer dimension 1 7/8” truss batten
No extensions available
Single Purchase Type
Weight’s available: 10-15-25lb steel ~5,500lbs
Capacity of arbors: 1,000lbs 43 sets
Note: Truss Batten is 500lbs total weight which leaves 500lbs loading
Operated from stage right
The fire curtain must be kept clear at all times.
43 lines total consisting of nylon & hemp lines
Main rag located on line 1
Orchestra ceiling located on line 5
Gold Act curtain located on line 13
House movie screen located on lines 19 and 20
Orchestra ceiling located on line 26
Orchestra ceiling located on line 36
Full U.S. black drop located on line 43
Border lights located on lines 4, 27 & 37
Legs located on lines 12, 21, 32
Borders located on lines 2, 11, 20, 30

Act Curtain:

New burgundy colored main rag with a dead hung border above. (Traveler type operated from stage right)

F.O.H Rigging Points:

4 points located downstage of pit located within cloud gunnel.
6 points in proscenium arch near at Center line, SL & SR rated at 2000 lbs each

Orchestra Pit:

Extends 11’-2 ¾” from edge of stage
Drops to 14’-11 ¼” from stage level
4’-5” to first seat
Removable 4’ wide opening on stage left for access from floor into pit
49”-6 ¼” wide (including organ lift)
Fully adjustable by screwed lift.

Pass Door:

A passage door from the auditorium to backstage entrance & dressing room
Stairwell located stage left.


Requirements must be conveyed to Palace Staff at least one week prior to event to coordinate parking with the City of Albany. There is adequate curbside parking for at least 5 vehicles (trucks and/or buses)

Best Access:

From 787 - use Clinton Ave. exit. Turn right at bottom of ramp onto Broadway. Travel one block and make a left onto Wilson St. Travel one block and make a left onto North Pearl St. Palace Theatre is on your right.

Loading Info:

1 truck loading area with swinging lock doors on North Pearl Street.
Ramp from truck - roll through door - ramp to stage *stage is 3’5” below sidewalk
Door dimensions are 7’ 9”h x 6’10”w 3’5” wide ramp is 15’ long 3’
Fire exit & access doors can be opened for additional gear to be used FOH.
No elevators in house.


Available in basement (under the stage) and in rear alleyway


Several ladders in house varying in size.

Production Office:

A production office is located on the first floor of dressing rooms, with (2) phone lines installed.


Washer & dryer located +3 levels from stage.

Dressing Rooms:

15 dressing rooms are located stage left. Total of 15 dressing rooms,
All rooms have tables, chairs, mirrors & sinks. Only 2 showers are currently available.
+1 level from stage 80, 90, 90, 100, 144 sq ft
+2 levels from stage 80, 90, 90, 100, 144 sq ft
+3 levels from stage 90, 80, 144
***please note that the building is 77 years old and to date NO major renovations have been performed on the dressing room and shower facilities***

A chain hoist is in place to move cases from stage level to each dressing room level.



Company Switch:

Lighting: (2) 400 amp circuit located stage right.
Sound: (1) 200 amp circuit located stage right.
(1) 400 amp circuit isolated ground - located stage left.
All 3 phase power.



Controlled at dimmers on stage right

Stage lights:

The inventory of lights available is as follows:
Degree or Type Quantity
Source Four 10 12
Source Four 19 18
Source Four 26 24
Source Four 36 18
Source Four 50 8
Source Four PAR EA 14 &18 hard-wired in Loge
Borderlights PAR 56-B 24 6 lamps each
Cyclights Broad Cyc 8 (3 Cell)
Fresnelite 6" 18

Lighting Rails:

2 lighting rails in front of balcony capable of hanging 15 lights per side
Approximately 75’ from rail to proscenium at center line.


Clear Coms:

There are 2 dry lines run to the spot booth. The Palace Theatre DOES NOT have its own headsets or power supply.

Mix Locations:

Center rear orchestra (12' wide area), standing room
Appx. 120' ft FOH to stage.
Center Orchestra: rows G,H, J can be removed for center house mix
Appx. 52' ft center mix position to stage.

Orchestra center mix available ONLY upon request & approval from the Palace Theatre.

5 Under balcony fill speakers are newly installed Martin WT UB's with QSC amplification.

ADA compliant with a Williams Sound wireless FM listening system with 6 personal receivers

The Palace Theatre is an IATSE supported theatre. You may contact the union business agent to review any tech requirements you may have PRIOR to loading in, contact Jimmy Anziano @ 518-427-1580


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